Engine oils by wholesale

The Alfa Chem Group company offers wholesale supplies of motor oils, antifreezes, lubricants, car cosmetics and shampoos for contactless washing directly from the manufacturer.

Plastic canister and barrels

For wholesalers

If there is no official AKross representative in your area, you can purchase our products directly from the manufacturer. We offer cooperation for:

  • Hypermarkets and chain retailers;
  • Gas station complexes;
  • Motor transport, agricultural and industrial enterprises;
  • Wholesale and retail companies;
  • Service stations.


For wholesalers
Price from manufacturer

The minimum price without intermediaries.

For wholesalers
Professional logistics

We will arrange delivery for orders of 300,000 rubles or more.

Wholesale supply

You can buy motor oils, antifreezes and car cosmetics in cans, barrels or in bulk (in cubes) directly from the factory without intermediaries. To do this, you need to fill out the feedback form or call the hotline. The minimum amount for delivery is 300,000 rubles. You can also become an official dealer of the company and get additional discounts, exclusive in the assigned territory and other benefits.