Alfa Chem Group also produces hybrid and carboxylate antifreezes under the AKross brand. The products comply with British and Japanese quality standards.

Will cool even the most ardent motors.

AKross antifreezes are used in the cooling system of domestic and foreign cars, trucks and other vehicles with medium and heavy operating conditions. Possesses effective lubricating properties that extend the life of the water pump.

Prevents freezing, overheating, boil-off and air pockets. Does not damage hoses, gaskets and seals of the cooling system. Provide the correct thermal mode of engine operation, prevents the appearance of corrosion and deposits in the cooling system.


AKross Premium G12+

Specifications: VW TL 774-F, MAN 324 Typ SNF, ASTM D 3306, ASTM D 4985, ASTM D 6210, KSM 2142, BS 6580, SAE J 1034, JIS K 2234.

Articles: 1 kg AKS0001G12, 5 kg AKS0002G12, 10 kg AKS0003G12, Barrel AKS0004G12


AKross Euro G11

Specifications: VW TL 774-C, ASTM D 3306, SAE J 1034.

Articles: 1 kg AKS0001G11, 5 kg AKS0002G11, 10 kg AKS0003G11, Barrel AKS0004G11

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Alfa Chem Group under the AKross brand produces motor, transmission, hydraulic and compressor oils, antifreezes, car shampoos for non-contact washing and car cosmetics. Check out the full range by downloading the catalog.